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Branding Strategy

DevLexicon is the rebranded Donald Louch Productions. With this rebrand, DevLexicon is moving towards a more professional freelance company. Within the company there will be a primary focus in web development and production with a subsidiary focus on media production such as videography and photography.

DevLexicon stands for development of a variety of different web productions to the production of different media. Lexicons are in essence the vocabulary or word of branches of knowledge. Thus, with DevLexicon we’ll branch our knowledge within productions and will be used to produce the end product.


Previously when DevLexicon was Donald Louch Production it was more of a personal brand instead of a company brand. Thus, with the rebrand DevLexicon is going to be producing things from a business stand point and not from the view of Donald Louch and his idea of how things should look.

With the rebrand, a number of elements are changing from the

To a whole new vector set, introduction to services, new concept of branding guidelines, and More!

There is a new Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and email accounts that have been created under the username @DevLexicon. The Facebook Page Donald Louch Productions is currently in the process of being renamed to DevLexicon with a brand new url and username. The Donald Louch Productions Discord server has further been renamed.

With the old Donald Louch Productions / Donald Louch Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and email address those will still be up and Donald Louch will still be active on them. More personal stuff from Donald Louch will be housed on those accounts. Whereas, professional work and client work will be shared on the new social medias.

Brand Elements



Google Font: "Playfair Display"

Everything else

Google Font: "Lato"


Primary (Blue)


Secondary (Peach)


White (Cream)


Black (Midnight)


Accent (Light Blue)



Rotation: -120 degrees

#4524E8 (opacity 100% | location 0%) | #479BBE (opacity 80% | location 99.87%)

Drop Shadows

60%: Opacity | 5.98px: X Offset | 9.57px: Y Offset | 8.37px: Blur | #C15D4F

60%: Opacity | 5.98px: X Offset | 9.57px: Y Offset | 8.37px: Blur | #4524E8

Box Styles

Boxes (where possible) have no border radius on the top left and bottom right then a border radius of equal amounts (depending on size) of 2em on the top right and bottom left.